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 C Class Rules


Coed 6 person C-Class Leagues


League Class Definitions:  

This league is for players who have trouble handling the ball legally.


  • No throwing the ball.

  • Set do not have to be clean.

  • No net contact at any time.

  • You may step under the net but you may not contact the opposing team

  • You may break the plane of the net but not interfere with a set from the other side.

  • Net serves will be allowed.

  • No double hits unless after a spike.

  • No attacking or blocking the serve.

  • You may set the ball when receiving the serve.

  • Ball may hit a player anywhere on body and it will be considered a legal hit.

  • A block or attempted block is not considered a hit.

  • Team must pay all 3 games.

  • Rally scoring to 25 – must win by 2. The cap is 28.

  • A legal team will be 3 to 6 players. There may never be more than 3 males on the court at one time. There must always be one female on the court. A female must hit the ball if it is hit more than once by a side.

  • No more than 3 hits per side.

  • Positions on court must alternate male and female whenever possible.

  • No backrow player required for teams playing with 4 or less players.

  • A team must have a minimum of 3 roster members on the court.

  • If a legal team is not present within 15 minutes of the start time of the league, your team with forfeit all of the matches for that night.

  • All leagues will be given one hour to complete their matches, unless there is not a league after you.

  • No more than one time-out per game per side.

  • Any time the ball hits the antenna it is considered out.

  • When a ball enters a court from another court, play will be stopped and you will do a replay.

  • When chasing a ball into another court, no contact can be made with any other players or it will be a side out.

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