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A Class Rules



All Quad Leagues: Are (A) Class Leagues.

·        A team roster must a carry minimum of 2 players and may have a maximum of 7.

·        In order to begin a game, a minimum of 2 players from a team roster must be present. ---Players coming late may join the game at any time, provided they are a roster member.

·        There is no back row in quad leagues

·        Teams must play all 3 games.

·        Rally scoring will be use for all games. Games will be played to 21 points, and your team must win by 2.  If your game goes past 21 points, the first team to 25 wins, unless one of the teams wins by 2 points before reaching 25.

·        No open handed dinks

·        Net serve are legal

·        When receiving the serve you may set the ball.

·        A double hit is allowed on 1st over contact by opposing team only

·        Anytime time a ball hits a player on any part of his body it is considered playable contact

·        The league will play 15 weeks with a position round on the last night.




All quad captains agreed upon the following:


·        There is a 1 hour time limitation to complete all games

·        If by 6:10pm you do not have at least 2 players to start, your team forfeits the 1st game.

·        If by 6:20pm you do not have at least 2 players to start, your team forfeits the night.

·        If your game is almost over at the end of the hour you may ask the 7pm teams if you can finish, if they say no you must vacate the court.

·        Brown Deer Lanes will assume the time keeping responsibility.

          5:55pm:         5 min. warning to start games

            6pm:               Start games

            6:30pm:         Warning that it is 6:30pm and you are halfway through your hour

            6:50pm:         10 min. warning

            7pm:               Vacate the courts 



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